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    FFXIV Chocobo competes and breeds for Gil
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    Before this year's E3, I wondered if square Enix could really live up to its commitment to remake Final Fantasy 7. These trailers look so polished and beautiful that the studio can't actually do it. They promised an impossible dream, not a video game.

    I was wrong. The works I saw and played in Final Fantasy 7 represent extraordinary design achievements; a way to meet the needs of long-term fans and ensure that loyalty does not affect quality or playability.

    As you may have seen in the highly refined footage released so far, the final fantasy 7 remake has a hybrid combat system - a system that frequently and fluently exchanges between sword attacks in a typical action game, all of which are delivered in real time, while the ATB system can be familiar with any senior franchise. Although it is difficult to fight smoothly as shown in the live broadcast, it is both tactical and intuitive to switch between combat mode and playable characters.

    Indeed, when you switch between the two modes, the hybrid system will build a rhythm that is not in the original game, which is definitely a star that can play demonstration. On the one hand, it's easy to track - personally, I've always been a little dismissive of the final fantasy game, and I've been trying to really know when to get certain characters to perform certain actions. With remakes, your work can sometimes be very simple. If you don't pay ATB for a function, spell, or item, you're chopping and chopping, which effectively reduces the time you need to think tactically.

    As you enter tactical mode and slow down, you have time for a quick tactical assessment. Where are you related to the enemy? Which needs to be taken out first, and how can you spend the most energy? Entering tactical mode is like putting your head over a railing and doing isolated, thoughtful actions, rather than constantly managing menus.

    Although the rhythm of the hybrid combat system is undoubtedly beginner friendly, this is not to say that the final fantasy 7 remake lacks tactical depth. You can use tactical mode to issue commands to other characters so that you can activate specific abilities or spells without having to exchange ideas (although it's cool to say that the animation that controls the character exchange is fluid and dynamic). It's convenient to issue commands when you want to use specific character capabilities, but you're in the middle of doing something with other characters. There is no doubt that it brings a pleasant sense of coordination.

    Chocobo competes and breeds in Final Fantasy VII.

    I spent hours searching the map for the right place to capture the right Chocobo, develop different colors for them, race on gil saucer , and finally get the coveted gold Chocobo.

    My overall goal is to find secret materials to call the order of knights.

    It's also convenient because I can use my golden Chocobo to cross any terrain, including the deep sea and mountains. You can also use black Chocobo to do this, but there are places where black Chocobo can't cross.

    Kotr is the easiest way to defeat Allen in the final boss battle and summon knights to defeat Sephiroth.
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