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    All the way to the wind
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    All the way to the wind and rain, with muddy; all the way, with a heroic. Our sky is Liri after the rain, our future is the smooth road after the bumps... All of this is inseparable from our inseparable partner - frustration. Still clearly remembered, still shining stars with dazzling light. That was when I was ten years old, I learned to ride a bicycle, and this star one quietly squinted in my heart, never ruined. It was a sunny morning, the air was fresh, the grass was green, the flowers were open, the butterflies were flying, and I walked in the quiet community, and suddenly the bicycle that my father was pushing attracted all the attention. My heart was happy for a while, and I couldn't help myself. I blurted out: "Ouye, I can finally learn to ride a bicycle!" The younger brother laughed at him: "Hey! Isn't it just a bicycle? It's done in three or two, what's so great, so happy." After that, the younger brother took the bicycle straight Cigarettes Online , and ��sliding�� a pedal, he went away, leaving me alone to stand there. It��s a shame and shame for me. Plus the younger brother shows off in front of me, I can't wait to learn to bike. When I had lunch, I thought about going to learn to ride a bicycle. I didn��t have an appetite to eat. I just took two sips and then I was full and I was going to ride a bicycle. Dad looked at me seriously. I immediately ran to my father and desperately spoiled. My father immediately surrendered. There is no way but I can only agree to let me go to school. Going downstairs and looking at the bicycle that is taller than me, I am sitting on the ground like a deflated balloon. I thought about it: What should I do? This is so high, I can't reach it. How do I learn? Dad saw me like this, asked me up, I complained too high, I couldn't reach myself, how to learn... After complaining a lot, Dad looked at me and comforted me: "Child, this is your own choice, you Don't try it until you can't do it." My heart was encouraged by my father, and my heart ignited a small flame. So I found a high place, cautiously climbed into the car, let my father hold a little, and slowly started to move. It seems to have achieved results. I am happy to let Dad let go. As a result, just let Dad let go, I I fell to the ground. I am gray, just like a puppy. My brother is still laughing at me. My heart is anxious and angry. I don't know what to do. Dad still encouraged me. My brother didn't smile. I adjusted my seat, adjusted my posture Newport 100S , climbed into the car, but still fell asleep. I repeated this many times, and I started to give up. I wanted to give up. At this time, my brother ran over and said to me, whoever has to go through this process. Helen Keller is a deaf-mute and has become a big writer. You are After a few times, I have to give up? If so, you will never learn it all your life. The younger brother said it was reasonable. I climbed up, patted the soil on my body, and continued to fall. Just like this, until the sun went down, the moon could already be seen. I finally learned to ride a bicycle. There are still many setbacks in our life, and it is much more difficult than riding a bicycle Marlboro Gold . But our life is because of setbacks, it will be wonderful. Life without frustration is crippled. It is a pity not to experience setbacks! When it comes to setbacks, we must stick to our beliefs, because the sun is always after the storm.
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