Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    The book is the ladde
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    The book is the ladder of human progress and the source of all wisdom Carton Of Cigarettes . Reading a good book is like talking to a noble person. Reading is a relief for me. Because I am immersed in the ocean of knowledge, I am no longer so sad and painful, it has comforted my spirit, I like to read, because it smoothed my sorrow, accompanied me through the sadness again and again, Let me not be weak in the face of life. Reading can experience the mood of many different people, feel many different troubles and pains, be happy in reading, let your heart has been moistened, and see the warm sunshine. Reading is the rain that nourishes the soul, the sunshine that warms the soul, and the medicine to treat the painful mind. Reading is the process of mindfulness and understanding Parliament Cigarettes , and it is also the process of contextual appreciation. Reading is not a matter of time, otherwise it will have no effect, and there is no way to understand the author's state of mind and experience the feelings of the author when writing. This kind of reading is meaningless and can be a burden, so you don't have to waste time reading. The real reading should be the wording and the sentence, which will make them have a permanent impression in their minds. In this way, our mind can resonate with the author's heart and experience the author's state of mind. It can also improve the reading and writing skills that everyone pursues. Reading is also a good way to relieve anxiety. Especially in today's fast-paced social life, reading is a wise choice for nourishing the soul. Develop the habit of reading, you will find that reading is closely related to life, work, communication and doing things. By reading, you will temporarily forget the cruelty of reality and the embarrassment of the day, so that you will understand Gorky��s sentence: "I rushed to the book, like a hungry person slamming on bread." You will cherish possession, no longer The ups and downs of the turbulence of the psychological gap that had been blindly compared. The ancients cloud: reading a million volumes, the pen is like a god. The book is the crystallization of human wisdom, a summary of human historical experience Newport Cigarettes , the book is a reflection of social life, reading can fully understand the meaning of life, reading can understand the vicissitudes of life, reading can be widely used by the people of the world, reading can enter the hall of wisdom . Since ancient times, people want to be talented, and the world must read! Only by taking a group of books, can adult talents read the notes of life on the road of life, brewing a melody of the population, singing the song of youth, and spreading it everywhere. Reading is wise, it will always carry you to the other side.
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