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Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    Before preparing the
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    Before preparing the dumplings, prepare the ingredients. In the afternoon, I sat in the living room watching TV. The kitchen heard intermittent sounds. I couldn��t help but look into the kitchen. I saw my mother quickly poked out a green leaf from the water and carefully wet the two pieces. The attached blades are separated, smoothing the small curl on the tip and then moving into another basin Cheap Cigarettes . Mother's left and right hands alternated, and they were too busy to be handed over Wholesale Cigarettes , but they were not too busy to be at a loss. In a short while, the leaves have been screened, lying in the basin and closing their eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the mother took out a basket of cleaned rice, which is distinctly shaped like a shining pearl. Mother stood on the side of the stove, hands skillfully spread the thin and long leaves on the table, then right-handedly took a spoon and took two spoonfuls of rice into the leaves, and flattened the stuffing such as pork belly and mung bean. Then, smash a spoonful of rice to bury it Newport Cigarettes Coupons , and finally fold the remaining leaves, then seal it up perfectly, and wrap it with tiny bamboo strips. In this way, an edible hand-made art piece, the scorpion, is displayed in front of my eyes. I stood by and messed up, and I always took Mi Fu to go, but my mother was not angry, just knocked on my head with my hand and said to me with a smile: "Come, Mom teaches you to pack years!" I am interested I picked up the leaves with great enthusiasm and pretended to learn the mother's bag. When I first learned the bag, it took a long, long time, enough time for my mother to pack three or four dice. The time when I was wearing the ugly flower was long. When I saw that my mother had been wrapped up for a short time, she began to feel sulking. When my mother saw that my little mouth was licking like a hook, I put it down. The scorpion, holding my hand, smiled and said: "Wow! The first scorpion of my daughter's bag is so beautiful, it is much better than the mother's bag. When Mom started learning the bag, you are all I don't know how ugly, just try not to let it leak." I heard the mother's words, I asked with a dubious question: "Really?" When my mother heard my question, the smile was deeper and she said: "Really When did Mom fool her baby daughter? Come, Mom will give you a mark. After cooking, let's try this bitch together. This is the first bit of my daughter's bag!" I heard Haha laughed, and my mother smiled, and her eyes narrowed into a line. After the scorpion was completely wrapped, the mother put it into a large tank to infuse it. They almost washed a "bath" for one night. The next day, my mother got up early in the morning, moved the donkey from the big tank into the pot and started to cook. I think waiting is a very torturous process, especially the process of waiting for a donkey. However, the mother on the side is just the opposite, there is no complaint on the face, no hurry. Time passed by, and the air was faintly scented with a fresh fragrance - the scent of rice. Mother carefully picked up the scorpion, I stood aside and couldn't wait, my mother said to me cheerfully: "Don't worry! After the mother takes a few scorpions to sacrifice, I will open it for you to eat." I smiled. Said to my mother, "Well, I will eat the one with a mark later." Mom nodded with a smile and turned and left. After a while, the steaming scorpion showed his "body" naked, and the mother divided it into a lot of pieces. My mother picked up a piece of my favorite piece and sent it to my mouth. I am happy. Laughing, taking a bite, I feel that there is a pure natural flavor in the mouth, and for a moment, the mouth is fragrant. I also picked up a scorpion and sent it to my mother's mouth, and my mother smiled for a moment. "Mom, will I have a baggage with you every year?" I asked with a little joy and doubt that my mother did not answer me directly, but the smile was deeper and made people feel very happy. Comfortable. Nowadays, my mother��s stomach is not good, and she can��t eat glutinous rice anymore. When I eat scorpions every year in the New Year, I always feel that something is missing.
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