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    Moonlight softly
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    Moonlight softly sprinkled on the ground, in the starlight, I seem to see you again, my heart can not help but linger on the endless miss you. Every winter, all kinds of minor illnesses in my life visit me one by one, and I can't escape. It was the quiet late night, I pretended to be asleep, you will always quietly see if I opened the quilt, but I didn��t catch me every time. My instinct tells me that you have to start acting again, and when you leave, I repeat my approach. The next morning, my head was like a jack. I couldn��t lift it. The face was redder than the red apple. Standing by my side, I have nothing to say to me, as if I have become accustomed to it, very calm, without a hint of confusion. At this time, you will take off your heavy coat and put it on me. After that, you will slowly bring a pot of hot water. I keep rubbing my teeth and constantly changing the towel for me. It was also at this time that I quietly went to sleep again. Every time you are busy, you will be tired for a while at my bed. Whenever I woke up from my sleep Marlboro Lights , I saw your familiar cheek that had already entered my dreams. This time, I suddenly found that there were a few more wrinkles on your face, and a few more whites on the side. Hair, the traces of the years are deeply imprinted on your face. When I was young, I often entangled you to accompany me to the field to catch children. I still remember that whenever I said this request, you would jokingly say to me: I am like a wild child no one wants. On the green grass, I took the cage, you dragged the fat body and ran, the posture was not beautiful, but left a beautiful picture in my heart. That child seems to be deliberately doing the same thing with you, so that you can't catch it, once or twice Marlboro Red ... You finally caught one, you are sitting on the grass panting, with a big bean on your forehead. Sweat beads. I ran to you in front of you and picked up the handkerchief to sweat you. At this time, you always say: "Child, my good boy, you grow up day by day, just like the children in this field are running farther and farther, and I am getting older every day, sooner or later, I will catch If you can't live, you will leave this cage and head to the wider world." "No, I will follow you and stay with you forever." I said. At this time, you smiled, and the smile was brighter than the flowers. My grandmother, you have left me forever and went to the beautiful paradise Wholesale Cigarettes . Those days that have passed away have become my best memories, like a sly pearl hanging in my heart. Grandma, I miss you, miss the days with you.
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