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    That year, I was
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    That year, I was seventeen years old, a big boy who didn��t care about the world. When you come out of your hometown, some are just amazement of the outside world Marlboro Red , the desire for life, and the embarrassment of future ideals. Life is like a dream, white is easy to pass, and blink of an eye for thirty years. After experiencing too many hardships and setbacks, loneliness and embarrassment-----there is a growing memory of the hometown, so that the night is not a dream, and the dream is around. I finally made up my mind to go back to my hometown and say that I have no relatives in my hometown. The reason why I want to go back is because it is my birthplace. Innocent, ignorant, naughty and even mischievous when you are a child ------ all kinds of inferior places are exposed. There is a gentle shadow of my enlightenment teacher, there are my childhood friends, the total angle of the intersection of the guys mixed. There are too many me, too much to leave the feelings ------ hometown, such as dreams, such as poetry, such as songs Newport 100S , when I write down the above paragraph seems to be too far away from the topic, my thoughts have not allowed me to stay The tide of feelings finally broke through the gates of memory, flowing in the memories of the past, oh, my hometown is a small town on the border between China and North Korea. In the urban sequence of China, the town should be the smallest unit that is different from the rural areas. If there is no factory, the factory of thousands of people, I believe that it can only be called the township, that is the kind that was called the commune. The hometown in memory is very quiet, especially during the daytime, it is even more quiet and abnormal. People consciously abide by an unwritten rule, take care of the workers who work night shifts, let them sleep well, rest on the tall banyan tree, and know how to sing softly. The breeze was light and the aroma of the faint scented flowers would overflow. Young women gathered in the yard to knit sweaters and soles. The sly smile Carton Of Cigarettes , the muttering language, the sound of the ramie rope when the shackles of "֨---֨---" are sandwiched. Soft, warm, like a lingering serenade. At this time, we are not afraid to be free to be a child, it will attract the reprimand and slap of the adults. We have our own place, that is, the Tumen River Tumen River is a boundary river between China and the DPRK. It turned to the right and left, all the way to the line, running along the Changbai Mountains. When it came to our town, it was surprisingly smooth, and the river surface was much wider. Because of a river, the two sides of the river will breed a piece of Liulin. My friends and I have been in this Liulin since childhood, playing in the river, and practicing a wave of water. At that time, in order to use water, the factory built a dam on the river, and some of the rivers flowed into the factory. A calm lake was formed on the dam. The surface of the water is calm, but it is screaming in the dark. When I arrived at the drain on the dam, the stream flowed straight down and the waterfall came out. Waves, waves, and the sound of the wind, rushing and rushing ------ horrible. Our children went to the river to play with the water, and the family knew it was no problem, too lazy to control. But if I heard that I went to the dam, then in any case, I would be severely reprimanded, and even the fists and feet should be added. However, the small fish that jumped on the dam, the golden sand under the dam, and the temptation to us were hard to resist. We swear by each other and keep our mouths shut, and then we rushed to the opposite side of the river. A group of people struggling to hit the water. The scene made many passers-by squeeze a sweat and praised it. You know, each of us has to pay for the net. One o
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