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Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    the famous "Western
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    the famous "Western Wind". He used to walk alone in the river. No matter how unpredictable the road is, the Xia is no hesitation. Many people say that The real walk is actually the journey of the soul. A person with a stable heart will never drift. The walking man is wandering with words, and the church gives us the way we are in the rivers and lakes Cheap Cigarettes . Hey, it��s not a shock from the West Wind��s itinerary, I ventured to guess, probably every young boy who is fledgling always dreams of being able to do this, and the curiosity of the rivers and lakes drives them to keep on going. So young walkers The search for all the way, the scenery of the mountains after the heavy waters, no matter how far away, after all, the teenagers who are used to the Confucian style are always weak, because the walking of Confucianism always involves a group of people, the fires, a large group of people In the journey of searching for the philosophical landscape of life; the teenagers of Taoism and Legalism are paranoid lone rangers, it seems that this great thing in the world is done by one person. In the traditional concept, the theory of the Legalist and the Taoist is opposite, but The way of walking is the same. The theory of the Faculty is continuous and horizontal, and it needs to walk the world. It is quite a bit of a tongue-to-mouth distinction. The Taoist teenager smiles and feels good and continues to swim on the edge of Surabaya. The theory of the Legalist does not know at the end. Whether it has been realized or not, the "extraordinary way" of leaving the Taoist home tells the grand wish of the small country and the widowed people on the side of the long city-state. The poetry of the Taoist teenager Fu is said to be a downturn, but the prose is Wang Yangwei. The short essays were not taken seriously at the time, and they were treasured in the evaluation of later generations. The youngsters came back and forth from Luoshui, and he himself could not seek it. The shallow chanting of the year has been remembered by oneself. The singing of the word and the word has always been loved by the sages. No matter whether it is a side attack or a concentration, the quatrains are getting longer and longer. The literati of the poems are willing to walk the horizon with a stack of books, deliberately carrying sadness, lonely shadows, one song at a time, long songs crying. In my impression, the poets are full of loneliness, can find There are not many people who know each other, and it is even more rare to be able to sing each other at the same time. The sect of the sect is the biggest killer of literature. The fragile poetry breeds in the folk, so little folk songs gradually follow the line of art above, slow. Slow down into everyone's appreciation. In history, there are many obsessed with literature, and those who are hidden are typical examples. Some people say that they are all weak readers, used to poetry etiquette Research, the world does not know sorrow. However, I can think that they are seeing the world's mourning. The quiet poetic style is not transparent. What the poet sees is a clear and clear exquisite heart. The way back from the journey back, from the ignorance of the juvenile to the solemnity of the old age, the change is the face of the person, the constant is the most relaxed poetry. In the initial love, hate and hatred, the teenager is always full of imaginary search. The book swordsman who once shuttled in the rain and the rivers and lakes began to bury his poetry. He read through the poems of the Tang Dynasty, from the peak to the decline. In the end, he also slowly looked for poetry expressions outside the quatrain. The field of words was first developed in the Five Dynasties. Of course, there are also experts who have both poetry and poetry. The gentle and gentle style of Liu San has come from the same line, but he has become more popular. His songs have also been influenced by him. should. There is a rumor that is said, "But the people who smell the water wells, all of them have changed their poetry in the real life. There are so many innocent people in life, there are one or two. The position may be an extraordinary person, still with a bleak smile, and everyone with very simple words to say goodbye. Rivers and lakes so far, what kind of way, or see, see, never miss, there is a movie The story is also such a story, the protagonist's dream is shattered, and since then, one person has fallen, and in the fallen rivers and lakes, he has seen another appearance in the world Marlboro Lights , full of strange and strange. One person's fallen life, unrealistic start, process The dying life of Buddhism, the Bodhisattva of Buddhism, once said to the sentient beings who belonged to Fang Ling Lingtai, every soul in the world has thousands of souls, weak, sad, greedy, and spiritual. The similarities and differences make walking very different, so thousands of souls go their own lives. The joy of the world is born from the mind, the sorrow of the world is also, seeing and obsessing is the eternal topic of life Online Cigarettes . Some people are always Taking advantage of poetry and painting to live in life, the unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory will be heartless laughter, and some people wobble in the wandering year after year, I don��t know where to go. I will always remember, Those who smile in the crowd, they are the most exquisite poet.
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