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Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    The rain stopped
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    The rain stopped, the snow seeds melted, the wind seemed to be colder, maybe it was a psychological effect. It closed the door and window or felt a cold current invading the body, like a person who was afraid of acidity, saw people eating grapefruit, and felt that their gums were sour. Sour, serious will still flow out of the water, I really want to find a few pieces of wood, burning a pot of fire, I really enjoy that time Buy Newport Cigarettes Online , a group of people around the brazier, while eating snacks, while home. I thought that such a scene has been a thing of the past many years ago. The image of memory is a bit fuzzy. Just like the old photo has been around for a long time, the color is somewhat distorted. However, the nose is gently sucked, and the air is still filled with wood Newport Cigarettes Wholesale . The fragrance and the smell of smoke, the feet seem to be hot. I remember the exact age. All that can be remembered is the burning red flame of wood and the warmth from the heart. In the slack time, the women wore sweaters, navels, embroidered insoles around the brazier, men playing chess and playing poker in the brazier, and the restless children shouted from the house and rushed into the house. The red flutter of the small hand was sometimes used. The nose of the sleeves in the nostrils, but not baked for a while, but disappeared, running outside the house to play games. Some greedy children will also bury a few sweet potatoes in the brazier, cooked and fragrant, because the outside is scorched, black, and will accidentally eat a big face, but the children never Concerned about this, at most, I wiped things with my sleeves, sometimes it made it worse. The warmth of memory is ultimately the enemy's cold. I turned on the air conditioner. After a while, the air warmed up, but I always felt that something was missing. Going around in time, it��s a year in a blink of an eye. But my consciousness seems to be still at the beginning of 2018. It is like an arrow, it seems to be poked into the heart, the time is like water, it seems to be poured into a cold water. For the year that will pass, in my eyes, only the busy two-word left eye is busy, not blind, but it is not much different. I can't see the changes in the world, I can't appreciate the scenery, I am busy forgetting what I am busy with. It��s a rush to pat your head Newports Cigarettes Price , not a road. I couldn��t find the way. I walked around, walked a circle, and returned to the original point without losing myself. Let me have a new identity. But it is too heavy, can my weak body be able to resist, and whether it can resist freezing in winter is still quite cold. There aren't a few snows, and the little eyes don't know. The white objects that are floating are called snow. Sitting next to the stove, looking at the world cleanly. Happy things are more than troublesome things, and the birth of new life will always bring joy. When troubles come one after another, think about the responsibilities that you will bear on your shoulders, or you have to stand up. Looking at the front, there are countless scenery waving, is not laughing at you, if you do not work hard how to lie in my arms. In the soft countryside, is there still a dream hidden? Every morning, do you want to ask yourself Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale , where is your effort? On the cloud, whether it has drifted away, under the water, whether it has been silent. It is the morning light in the morning light of the clouds, or the old state in the sunset Marlboro Cigarettes Website . Do you feel that it is sometimes at your fingertips, sometimes it is too far away to sway and has already reached the end of 2018. Do you still want to say something to yourself? The starting point of 019 is to look at yourself at the end of 2018, please shake your hand with yourself. Say: Goodbye, never meet.
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