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Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    For a long time
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    For a long time, it was still too long, and there was no pure coming out. So, a thick cotton pad was worn to resist the cold current. The temperature has already fallen to below zero, as if deliberately stated that this is a characteristic of the North. I don't know where to go, I just want to go away. Go to the water chestnut, go after the dusk, squatting the tune of the ten-mile street Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale , watching the figure of the tree tremble under the wind Newport Cigarettes Wholesale . From this, I gave birth to a strong sense of pity, the ruthless destruction of the wind, or the intentional welcoming of the tree. In this indifference of depression, the commandment may be the fate of the tree, the helplessness of the season! Late Marlboro Red 100S Carton , it seems to be the heartbeat of the season, and finally the perfect chapter of the winter. It was not until the winter solstice that it occupied the sky of today. The flamboyant publicity made the city have a more transparent portrayal. You stubbornly hardened your hard, your cold. As everyone knows, I have already given myself to your heart, just waiting for you to be white and white, you are like an elf-like body, then, passing my brow, I have not rejected your dagger, with 200% Enthusiastically embrace your deep feelings, wait for your silver dress to wrap around the city, then, I will leave your face, how can you fade your mark, you are not old or hurry, you are there, quiet for a long time. The wind rushed to the snow, and did not leave room for the body to be wrapped around the tight body, and then let it touch my hair. At the time, the twilight was drooping, affecting the footsteps of the evening, and the time dripped through the days of the day, diluting the ups and downs in the distance. The lights lit up the black of the street, fainting in the cold wind Wholesale Newport Cigarettes . With a twilight face and a look up at the sky, the black hole is vast and mysterious, as if you can understand your thoughts in an instant. The street lamp lengthened the bloated figure, the rhythm of the turbulent collision of the branches and sands, the high and low, like the illusion of the true image, like a silver-haired old man with thousands of hammers, facing every sinking or Serious or sluggish or smiling faces, sometimes indifferent to the light, but also intriguing years of fragrance, have stepped into the downtown, oncoming is gradually noisy atmosphere, tired of boredom. Neon intertwined, I stared at the mottled color shadow, and some of them smashed out of Shinto, the car's flute sounded me back to the moment, barbecue, mala, fried rice, mutton foam everything, not afraid of the impact of the snow, The rigorous faces of the traders reveal their persistence in life. Pedestrians coming and going on the street, or rushing in a tight pace, or driving in a car. Is it helpless to immerse yourself in life? Or hug the common things and rejoice in the busy, have forgotten to stop the foot and listen to the echo of this night on the streets of the winter night, parked in a scene of hustle and bustle, when swallowed The cold air that flows into the bone marrow, puts the memory of the Buddha's ones deep or shallow, turns back, some past, some old people... When you get along, you can't look at one person, wait for something, now it's shredded I remembered, but after a century, those happy and unhappy old dreams have now been separated from each other to make the air even more desolate. The past has already changed everything, life is too hasty, acquaintance is too hasty, only the past is the wind The road is new smoke. Reporter: It��s been a long time without slowing down the pace of life and it��s breathable. I complained that I haven��t walked in the rumbling of the wind with the call of the winter, so I sent Wang Sheng to see the store. The air is awkward, so I have a sense of greenness! So she turned her into a gentle woman, her long hair shawl without color rendering, natural black and a good face, no enchanting red lips, no thick eyebrows Wipe, apply a little powder, that is, in the windy day. Then, when the beautiful woman squats, under the desk lamp, the pen is used to edit today's colorful colors into yesterday's past. So I put her title "North Screen Evening Sound". At this time Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping , in the middle of the night, choose a piano piece (Khanom) slowly hanging out the window, and the lights are still clear.
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