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Der harte Kern Der harte Kern
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    Play Games Such as Fortnite
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    Unlocking Battle Stars levels your Battle Pass, and that's how you unlock all of the rewards on offer.Season 5 also includes bonus challenges that will net players specific items. The Road Trip challenges are very similar to Blockbuster challenges from Season 4.

    The Road Trip tier rewards gamers with special loading screens for fully completing all weekly fortnite weapons . These loading displays comprise hidden Fight Star clues.Drift Challenges, meanwhile, reward gamers with various skins for making XP. Earning enough XP to finish four from five tiers unlocks a special Harvesting Tool.

    So the drum rifle, I'd assert, is fairly fundamentally distinct from the remaining weapons and items introduced in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Every other thing introduced to this game has fallen into two different categories: they're either relatively simple modern-day, like the S.C.A.R, the shotguns, the conventional Assault Rifles or the majority of the other essential weapons, or they're just plain nutty, such as the port-a-fort or the boogie bomb.

    That's essentially Fortnite's aesthetic right today: absurd things set alongside weapons that are recognizable. The drum rifle, on the other hand, is something different: it is a true weapon although not modern, and it feels like an obvious set for the film noir skins Epic released another day.

    To me, this says three things: one, Epic is just loosening up a little bit with their firearms. Two, the programmer wishes to give you lots of fun tools with which to make movies. And three, this could just be some type of validation for the concept that Season 5 will go time travelling.

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