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    Fortnite exhaustion is real
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    Since he and his mother, Amy Bates, heard this weekend, it's easy for teenagers to let their guard down when in the midst of intense struggles. "Fortnite" players, fortnite materials including Jake, can chat with other people from around the globe.

    Last week, another gamer constructed up Jake's trust and persuaded him to hand over his password and username so the gamer could give him more skins, which are used in the match. "The man took over his accounts, but took over his email account and changed the passwordschanged the retrieval passwords and the telephone number."

    Any personal information that has been in Jake's mails, the hacker had, and since Bates' credit card number had been attached to the match, the scammer had access to this too.

    "It's really frightening," Bates said.Not to mention, the crook ended up killing off Jake's character, where the teen had spent countless dollars since beginning the game this past year.

    "I think he feels violated," Bates said.Bates stated she and Jake needed to tell their story so crawlers don't play other kids while they are playing the match. "It says on the game not to give your information out and, ya know, I am like, it is a lesson learned," Bates said.

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