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    Themenicon    POE 3.4 Ranger Collezio's Raider Caustic Arrow Guide Build
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    lachend This develop is capable of quickly obtaining 6k existence, stupid large evasion (95% evade chance cap) dodge/spell dodge. Proof against ailments, all map mods. Working two quick lifestyle flasks very easily solves any damage not missed at this point. This establish is completely capable of clearing all information while in the game at this point. There may be even a possibility to include magic discover to this create by using two Ventors plus a excellent IIQ Amulet the moment you happen to be into Maps if MF is your thing.

    - Cheap to start league - Gets expensive based on Min/Maxing
    - Easy to play, low level content clearing can require some kiting depending on your gear/level
    - Tanky end game with High life/evasion/dodge
    - Quick w/o Flasks
    - Easy to modify build (change MF/Tank/Damage)
    - ANY MAP

    - Single Target Damage is Meh
    - Can be expensive with end game gear

    Bandits:Kill them all +2 Points OP

    Way of the Poacher (Frenzy Charges) > Quartz Infusion (Dodge/Phasing) > Avatar of the Veil (Movespeed/Phasing/Immune to Ailments) > Avatar of the Slaughter (More Frenzy/Movespeed/Damage)

    Major God: Soul of Lunaris
    Only one worth anything
    Minor God: Soul of Shakari or Ryslatha

    Gem Setups:
    Caustic Arrow (Bow) (GGGGBR):
    Caustic Arrow - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Vicious Projectiles - Concentrated Effect (5th) - Empower Lvl3/4 (6th)

    CWDT Setup (RRRR):
    Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl one)- Immortal Get in touch with (Lvl three) - Increased Duration (Lvl 20) - Summon Stone Golem (Lvl 20)

    "Curse" Setup(GGGR):
    Barrage - GMP - Withering Touch - Ranged Assault TotemHerald of Agony (Chest) (GGGBR):
    Herald of Agony - Vicious Projectiles - GMP - Minion Injury - Damage on Total Existence

    Further Gems
    Blink Arrow - Speedier Attacks (GG)
    two Extra Gem Spots - I preserve my GMP for swapping into CA in a single Spot and a Portal Gem within the other

    Leveling Guide:
    To start with and most significant to remember - when hunting for tools, your priority on them is Daily life and Resistances. Backlinks are equally as vital, be sure you seem out for correct socket colors. This applies to all acts.
    Act 1-3 need to be very easy generally. That's exactly where you slowly form up your principal talent. Majority from the important gems are rewards from quests. The ones you cannot get as being a reward, you could invest in from Nessa, Yeena and Siosa when you progress as a result of the key story.
    In act 4 it really is vital that you have very good resistances, in particular fire resist. Outside of that, it should be a breeze. It can be a very good strategy to enter Labyrinth immediately after you come across the waypoint within Crystal Veins.
    Act five is wherever issues get very little bit tougher. Monsters to choose from are very unsafe and it's also proposed to get capped fire and lightning resistances. It's also a time wherever bleed removal lifestyle flask becomes beneficial. I recommend to farm Chambers of Innocence until finally you reach degree 45 and after that encounter Innocence. Following boss is Kitava, 1600 lifestyle is adequate to tank all of his skills.

    After you arrive in act 6, examine your resistances. If they are beneath 60%, you'll want to pick up Purity of Factors from Clarissa (act 3) - use it until eventually you solve the resistance trouble. It is recommended to have them capped just before the final boss.
    Act seven is really uncomplicated. Beware of ghosts inside the Crypt, they might hit really really hard.
    Act 8 characteristics Deodre, the hardest boss you encounter throughout leveling. It truly is relatively safe and sound when you have 2500 life, but that may be difficult to obtain. Following that, the act is going to be simple. It really is wonderful to have a freeze removal flask for Lunaris region, in case you don't have it already. Kill the ultimate boss of this act and proceed to Blood Acqueducts.

    Getting ready for maps:
    The area which has a prolonged stream of blood is exactly where you will spend next 1-2 hrs. It's a fantastic place to farm expertise. Farm right here until eventually level 71. Search for gear upgrades and slowly replace your gems to encouraged final setups. In advance of you proceed, you will need a Tabula Rasa which you are able to farm div cards for in Blood Aqueducts Or you can acquire 5-link bow with ilvl 64, high assault speed base if attainable. The 2nd selection is superior generally. In your newly purchased 5-link you may craft +2 bow gems with alteration/augmentation orbs. You ought to roll it inside of ~100 tries, nevertheless a little RNG dependant. The 5-link CA setup is:
    CA - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Concentrated Impact
    Now you are ready to have into maps. Finish last two acts and defeat Kitava. 4000 lifestyle is sufficient to not get one-shot on this battle.

    PoB Link:https://pastnk3tVR
    Skill Tree:[/B]] 8j4gz2
    [B]Example Link:

    The above content is provided by U4gm. If there are any deficiencies, you can leave a message in the main text. For more information on Path of Exile 3.4 Builds , you can visit U4GM.COM. Finally, Just a reminder: You will get a 5% coupon code completely absolutely free of charge when you buy poe currency order from this article.
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