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    POE 3.4 Marauder League Starter For Crit Dual-Wield Consecrated Path Chieftain Build
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    The Consecrated Path skill is a teleporting melee skill much like Flicker Strike. However, the differences are:
    1. No need to worry about frenzy charges
    2. You only teleport if there is an enemy near where you clicked
    3. 50% fire conversion
    4. Can only use Mace, Sword, Staff, Axe, Unarmed
    5. Is an AOE skill, which makes melee splash unnecessary and enables use of conc effect
    6. Does not use offhand, which enables use of stat-stick weapons
    7. Cannot be supported by multistrike
    8. Less Base Damage

    Overall, it has potential to be much higher DPS and easier to control than Flicker Strike . Chieftain to convert to 100% fire without taking Avatar of fire. This means you are still able to deal chaos damage (from Atziri's and Sin's Rebirth Flasks) and cold/lightning damage from Shaper stat-stick. Chieftain also offers many other fire damage bonuses, as well as tankiness.

    - Tanky. Lots of Life Regen is nice for not dying vs Delve darkness
    - Higher DPS than Flicker Strike
    - Many ways to scale damage
    - High clear speed without movement speed
    - Fun & Controllable version of Flicker Strike
    - Start using it from LV28 until endgame

    - Blade Flurry and molten strike might have higher single-target DPS

    2 Passives or Alira. I took Alira. Mana regen is pretty nice.

    There is no 1 best choice, and they are all useful. Just take something you like.

    Shaper Kill -
    First Shaper Kill -
    Shaper Kill by Syperek -
    T14 Elder -
    Minotaur -
    Phoenix -
    Chimera -

    [redPoB Link][/red]
    Link:, R33F,

    Skill Tree:
    LV ~40 Tree -
    LV ~60 Tree -
    LV ~80 Tree -
    LV 91 Tree -

    Example Link:

    The above content is provided by U4gm. If there are any deficiencies, you can leave a message in the main text. For more information on Path of Exile 3.4 Builds , you can visit U4GM.COM. Finally, Just a reminder: You will get a 5% coupon code completely absolutely free of charge when you get a Poe currency order from this article.
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     POE 3.4 Marauder League Starter For Crit Dual-Wield Consecrated Path Chieftain Build
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