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    MapleStory Mesos and Equipment Drop Rate
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    Mmotank isn't only widely called trusted trader that sells Maplestory2 Mesos , actually they're also supplying currencies for various popular online games, such as MapleStory others and 2. The best thing about Mmotank that make them outstanding in comparison to others is the fact that they always able to provide clients with the friendliest pricing about the item. Additionally, Mmotank is guaranteed that any purchase being made will be processed at fastest possible method to keep everyone happy and satisfied.MapleStory Mesos and Equipment Drop Rate

    I find it rather hard to get enough mesos to update my abilities (Mastery Books) and Star Force (gear) by simply grinding today.

    The Golden Temple gives you at the end a option of a Mastery Book 20 or Mastery Book 30, and Korean Folk Town provides you a Mastery Book 20 and Mastery Book 30 (both untradeable though).

    Then for the higher degree equipment (lvl 130, 140) you will need how many millions to upgrade the Star Force level. And that can accumulate quickly above level 7 where the level drops on failure. At one stage I spent a couple billions hoping to receive a single piece of equipment above Star Force level 13 and gave up following finally reaching level 13 again. Now I cease in level 10, if I've got the mesos, or level 6 if I do not want to waste a lot of mesos on getting sufficient Star Force to perform the quests.

    Before, the older Dragon Park could have a good gear drop rate, which could be offered for mesos. The new Monster Park gives only EXP, no drops. And even at the typical maps the equipment fall rate seems to be much lower.

    And, in my estimation. Getting harder to get sufficient mesos plays those players selling mesos for cash at the hand, encouraging hacking. I quite often run into characters moving all over the maprather than seeing one meso being dropped, but what else is dropped in the spot where the character is. The mesos are likely farmed right off and everything else is simply dropped. It requires no effort on those Maplestory items players to accumulate a lot of mesos because they simply need to start their hacking application and the computer does the rest. How else can they offer countless mesos for money with the current regular mesos and equipment fall rate compared to hacking?
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