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    Forenübersicht » Plauderecke » The Way to Set Screens Efficiently in NBA 2k18

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    The Way to Set Screens Efficiently in NBA 2k18
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    A well-timed display can open up quite a few choices offensively by creating space for ball handlers and separating a defender from a fantastic shot. Similarly, setting good screens in NBA MT Coins can help boost your MyPlayer grade and help create simple buckets.

    To place screens in NBA 2k18, hold down Circle/B when near a protector, along with the AI-controlled ball handler will choose whether or not to operate around the screen. Setting screens is step one, determining what to do after is where open shots are created. When placing an on-ball display, you have multiple options.

    First, you can slip the screen. If your defender overplays the screen or attempts to hedge the ball handler, this will function as your best alternative. Before you make contact with all the on-ball defender, launch the screen button and then run towards the basket. With two defenders currently trying to play the ball, you also ought to have a wide open lane to the hoop. Press A to telephone for the ball, and complete the play at the basket.

    Secondly, you can conduct a pick and roll up. After making contact with the on-ball protector, see how the defense reacts. If both defenders remain with the ball, you should have a clear path to the basket. If a smaller man switches to defend you, then either take it to the pit or benefit from the mismatch in the article.

    Third, depending on your player's ability to take, you can run a pick and pop up. After using all the on-ball defender, look for an open spot on the ground to take the quick jumper.

    In the same way that you set an on-ball, hold Circle/B next to a defender who's guarding another offensive MT NBA 2K19 player. The off-ball participant will then decide whether to use the screen or not.
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